Last week, the domestic market represented by East China was active, and the prices of most chemical products were near the bottom. Before that, the downstream raw material inventory remained low. Before the Mid Autumn Festival, buyers had entered the market for procurement, and the supply of some chemical raw materials was tight.
Since the price bottomed out at the end of July, the price of propylene oxide began to rebound. As of September 5, the average price of propylene oxide had increased by nearly 4000 yuan / ton compared with the lowest price in July.
On September 6, Shandong Shida Shenghua, Hangjin technology, Dongying Huatai, Shandong Binhua and other companies increased the price of propylene oxide.
Shandong daze chemical has two sets of 100000t / a propylene oxide units, and propylene oxide is not quoted for the time being.
The 40000 t / a propylene oxide plant of Shandong Shida Shenghua operates stably, and the new quotation of cyclopropane has been raised to 10200-10300 yuan / ton. Most of the products are for self use and a small amount of take out.
Hangjin technology operates 120000 tons of propylene oxide unit at full load every year. Today, the quotation of the new order is increased to 10600 yuan / ton. With the shipment of the market, some products are for self use and some are exported.
Dongying Huatai 80000 T / a unit operates at 50% load, and the quotation of propylene oxide is increased by 200 yuan / T to 10200-10300 yuan / T for cash delivery.
Shandong Binhua 280000 T / a EPC plant operates at 70% load, and the spot price of EPC is raised to 10200-10300 yuan / ton. Some products are for self use and some are supplied to contract households.
Market price trend of propylene oxide
Phenol market rose strongly in early September. As of September 7, the price of high-end phenol in the East China market has exceeded the 10000 yuan mark, rising to 10300 yuan / ton. On September 1, the price of phenol in East China was 9500 yuan / ton. It can be seen that the increase is 800 yuan / ton in just one week, and the increase is still continuing.

Price trend of domestic phenol Market
The market price of propylene also rose sharply. On June 6, the mainstream reference of Shandong propylene market was 7150-7150 yuan / ton. The market trading atmosphere is good. Propylene production enterprises have smooth transportation, no reduction in price willingness, and good follow-up enthusiasm of downstream factories.
From the perspective of the ethanol market, on the 6th, the purchase price of ethanol in the downstream of the main chemical industry in East China increased by 30-50 yuan / ton compared with the previous batch. As of last Friday, the ex factory price of 95% ethanol in Northern Jiangsu was 6570-6600 yuan / ton. Last weekend, the factory temporarily increased by 50 yuan / ton, and the high-end quotation was 6650 yuan / ton.
The focus of discussion on the domestic isopropanol market continued to rise. The reference intention of Jiangsu isopropanol market is 6800-6900 yuan / ton. The spot is tight, and traders are unwilling to sell at a low price. The negotiation of isopropanol market in South China refers to 700-7100 yuan / ton. The transaction volume outside the factory is limited. The upstream acetone price is strong, and the quotation of the carrier is quite high.
Methanol market continued to rebound. In the North China market, the negotiation price of Shandong Jining methanol market rose to 2680-2700 yuan / ton; The mainstream transaction price in Linfen, Shanxi Province rose to 2400-2430 yuan / ton; The mainstream transaction price of methanol plants around Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province was stable at 2520-2580 yuan / ton; The bidding price in Lubei is 2630-2660 yuan / ton. The bidding transaction in Shanxi was smooth, and the downstream delivery atmosphere was OK.
Near the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the terminal factory enters the market to stock up, the market trading atmosphere is good, and the actual trading volume is optimistic. In the short term, the supply pressure in the chemical market is not great, the manufacturers arrange goods as planned, and the demand side gradually recovers, especially the terminal enterprises that avoided high temperature in the early stage will resume production, and the downstream demand performs well. It is expected that the market will remain delicate in the near future, and after rising at a high level, it may enter the narrow range impact market.
For the market in September, the impact of demand expectations is most obvious. With the arrival of the traditional seasonal demand peak season, domestic demand growth is expected to be strong. In addition, according to the historical fluctuation law, September to October is also the peak season for exports. Overall demand is expected to grow, which will effectively support the market.
In terms of the overall market supply and demand, it is expected that the market supply and demand contradiction will continue to improve in September, and the industry will be in the stage of destocking, effectively supporting the market price. At present, under the background of low prices in the past two years, the overall acceptance of the industry has also improved. It is expected that the overall market will maintain an upward rhythm in September, focusing on industrial equipment adjustment, raw material price changes or key factors affecting the market price adjustment space.

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